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About Fitsmart®

The Vision Behind FitSmart® Weight Loss & Training Centers

Welcome to FitSmart™ Weight Loss & Training Centers. By joining our team, you have become part of an exciting new concept in the fitness industry -- and we’re glad to have you on board!

For most people, there are countless options when it comes to joining a health club. From high-end clubs with thousands of members and incredible amenities, to small, basic gyms with a rack of dumbbells and a couple of treadmills — where you train really depends on personal preference and budget. FitSmart® provides a unique solution for those seeking to end their weight loss battles. The idea behind FitSmart™ Weight Loss & Training Centers is to provide members with the tools they truly need to achieve their weight loss goals. Often, those struggling with excess weight are intimidated by the average “gym environment,” lack exercise knowledge, and desperately need help with their diets. FitSmart™ helps break through each of these barriers, thanks to always providing a friendly non-intimidating atmosphere. There are many unique features that FitSmart™ provides.

fitsmart_coachesAll Fitsmart™ locations are staffed by certified FitSmart™ Coaches. FitSmart™ will always have coaches available at all times to guide our members through circuits and training. The goal of every FitSmart™ coach is to provide our members with a pleasant experience, assist in helping members reach their goals and to maintain the highest standards at all times for our facilities. You’re never left on your own at FitSmart™.


All Fitsmart locations are also equipped with our FitSmart™ Virtual Trainer kiosk powered by ActivTrax, which will provide an individualized fitness program just for you. It is like having your very own personal trainer for every work out. You can simply go to our kiosk inside the gym and it will print out your customized work out or you can locate your daily work out directly from your Smart Phone!

FitSmart™ also offers our trademarked SmartCircuit©. FitSmart™ incorporates the most unique work outs, including authentic Muay Thai fitness training along with functional strength and cardio exercises. This innovative workout is a 7 station circuit led by certified FitSmart™ Coaches and delivers a total body workout in less than quick 30 minutes known as the SmartCircuit©.

fitsmart_classesAt FitSmart™ there are no scheduled class times. As a member you may show up whenever your schedule allows and one of our certified Fitsmart™ Coaches will be waiting to guide you through our 27 minute fat burning circuit. The Smart circuit will work for anyone and everyone that wants to lose weight!

Fitsmart will help you with your nutritional needs with our patented meal planning tool, This is a state of the art online meal planning system that will customize your healthy meal plan based on your preference and eliminates mysteries of healthy eating. You will also have access to ongoing nutritional assistance and supplements that will work for you. FitSmart™ has teamed up with Trim nutrition to bring our members the very best and most practical weight loss programs. These supplements and Nutritional programs were all designed by Dr. Brent Agin, MD, a published author and authority in the nutrition, weight loss and anti-aging industries. It’s no wonder there’s no other facility like FitSmart™. We make it easy for you to succeed!

FitSmart™ Gyms Getting Fit the Smart way.

Sign up today to schedule your Free Introductory Session with a FitSmart™ Coach at a location near you!