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4 Steps To Bust Through Food Cravings

One of the biggest challenges many people who are new to healthy eating face is figuring out how to combat the typical food cravings that seem to go along with their diet plan.
You’ve cut out the cake, the cookies, the ice cream, the pizza – and your taste buds want them all back. Instead, you’re being ‘good’ and feasting on grilled chicken, vegetables, brown rice, sweet potatoes, egg whites and of the like.
But, it’s getting old.
Cravings are getting stronger and stronger – and you need to figure out how to combat them before they get to you.
Fortunately, there’s help.
By taking a few smart steps, you can definitely combat your cravings and stick to your healthy diet.
Here’s how.

Step 1: Drink A Tall Glass Of Water

First, down a glass of tall, ice cold water – with lemon preferably. Often your craving is nothing more than thirst presenting itself, so don’t mistake thirst for hunger and go ahead and eat.
Drink the glass of water. Wait a few minutes and then see how you feel. Often this will take care of the problem entirely.

Step 2: Go For A 10 Minute Walk

Next, get up and go for a 10 minute walk if the craving is still there. Or if going for a walk isn’t permissible given the situation, just do something to distract yourself for 10 minutes.
Often you just need to get your mind off the food craving for it to go away. Fresh air and movement are great for getting the blood circulating and getting you back into the healthy mindset so you’ll be less likely to eat.
Plus, you’ll also burn some extra calories by going this route as well.

Step 3: Call A Friend

Moving along, you might also consider calling a friend as well. This again works off the principle that if you can keep yourself busy, you can keep your hands away from your mouth.
For many people, food cravings are typically not much other than boredom presenting itself, so you just need to find a way to overcome the boredom that’s occurring.

Step 4: Pop A Piece Of Minty Gum

Finally, the last step to take if you find that a craving is coming on is to pop a piece of minty gum. Another reason people mistakenly think they need food is simply because they have a desire to put something in their mouth.
By chewing on the piece of gum, you do just that. Plus, with the minty taste now in your mouth, you may have found that you lost the desire for whatever it was that you were craving before.
So keep these quick and simple steps in mind. If you have an action plan in place to execute when the craving hits, you’re far more likely to plow right through it and stay the course on your healthy eating diet plan.

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