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For most people, there are countless options when it comes to joining a health club. From high-end clubs with thousands of members and incredible amenities, to small, basic gyms with a rack of dumbbells and a couple of treadmills — where you train really depends on personal preference and budget.


The best part about FitSmart™  Weight Loss & Training Centers is that our exclusive programs are part of our all-inclusive fitness program. There are no hidden fees or charges; once you become a member, you gain access to each of these powerful programs. Our goal is to help you succeed. Too often, people join gyms, get discouraged, and give up long before they have a chance to experience any real change. At  FitSmart™, members are provided with everything they need to bring about radical transformations in the way they look and feel.


FitSmart™ is dedicated to providing you the results you deserve in a safe, non-intimidating environment and the only fitness and weight loss center in the nation designed just for you! Here at  FitSmart™ we have a variety extremely effective work out alternatives.


There are 4 very essential tools that make FitSmart™ Unique and effective:

FitSmart™ delivers a total body workout in less than quick 30 minutes known as SmartCircuit©. This unique concept is a 7 station circuit that is comprised of authentic Muay Thai (non-contact) and highly effective functional fitness training will get results for all people that want to lose weight and live a healthier life.


Also, FitSmart™ Virtual Trainer kiosk powered by ActivTrax, which will provide an individualized fitness program just for you. It is like having your very own personal trainer for every work out. You can simply go to our kiosk inside the gym and it will print out your customized work out or you can locate your daily work out directly from your Smart Phone!


Every member has complete access to our patented meal planning tool, This is a state of the art online meal planning system that will customize your healthy meal plan based on your preference and eliminates mysteries of healthy eating. You will also have access to ongoing nutritional assistance and supplements that will work and help you with your nutritional needs.


There will always be a trained and certified FitSmart™ Coachready to guide you through our FitSmart SmartCircuit© in a non-intimidating environment at all times.


There are no scheduled classes allowing you to start your workout when you want. FitSmart™ incorporates the most unique work outs, including authentic Muay Thai fitness training along with functional strength and cardio exercises. Our fitness programming is designed by world renowned trainer, Raphael Ruiz. FitSmart™ has teamed up with Trim nutrition to bring our members the very best and most practical weight loss programs. These supplements and Nutritional programs were all designed by Dr. Brent Agin, MD, a published author and authority in the nutrition, weight loss and anti-aging industries. It’s no wonder there’s no other facility like FitSmart™.

Now, the question is: Are YOU ready to look and feel better than you ever imagined possible?

Call or visit us today to get started.