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Four Smart Food Swaps To Include In Your Diet Plan

As you go about forming your healthy diet plan, it would be a wise idea to take into account some smart food swaps you can make to improve your nutrition, reduce calories, and come out ahead.

When it comes to fat loss, it’s not always about cutting out a particular food or significantly reducing your calories, but instead, choosing wiser choices that will help get you on track for better health.

Let’s take a quick peek into four smart food swaps that you might just want to start considering.

Swap Oatmeal For Cereal

First, if you start your day with a classic bowl of cold cereal, consider swapping this out for some oatmeal instead. Cereal is typically very high in sugar content and is going to spike blood glucose levels, causing you to crash shortly after.

Even if you choose the so-called ‘whole grain varieties, there still may be excess sugar you aren’t realizing.

As such, swap that out for some plain oatmeal instead. Oatmeal is very high in fiber, very rich in complex carbohydrates, and very low in dietary fat. Furthermore, it’s also going to provide a high degree of satiety because it’s so high in overall volume. This means you won’t feel nearly as restricted as you add it into your diet plan.

Swap Greek Yogurt For Regular

Moving along, Greek yogurt is another excellent swap to consider. If you are often eating regular fruit flavored yogurt, you’ll be getting more of a hit of sugar than anything else.

Greek yogurt is lower in sugar, high in protein, and the far superior option. Choose that instead for far better result.

Swap Spaghetti Squash For Pasta

If you’re cutting back on your carbohydrate intake, which most of those on fat loss diets will be doing, you should swap out your typical pasta for some spaghetti squash instead. Spaghetti squash is far lower in calories and carbs and rich in fiber, so will fill you up quickly and keep you satisfied for hours ahead.

Try serving up some spaghetti squash with tomato sauce or even just with a little olive oil and garlic if you prefer.

Swap Ground Turkey For Ground Beef

Finally, the last smart swap to make is ground turkey for ground beef. Ground turkey is much higher in total protein content, much lower in fat content, and will make for a delicious addition to your diet protocol.

You can easily prepare ground turkey burgers, ground turkey meatballs, or make any casserole that calls for ground beef using ground turkey as well.

The options are virtually endless with this clean protein source.

So there you have some smart diet swaps to consider making yourself. If you think a little more carefully about what you’re eating and are willing to get creative in your food choices, there’s no doubt you can start to see better fat loss results.

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