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Become a FitSmart™ Gyms Licensee!

own_a_fitsmartThe Two major areas health clubs struggle with the most are marketing and member retention. Let’s face it, without both of these components. Any gym will have a difficult time keeping their business operating, let alone turning a profit. The Problem is that many club owners aren’t sure how to effectively market their business and service their members. They may be passionate about fitness, but they need some help on the business end. That’s where we come in!


Almost all gyms have a problem when it comes to providing their members with direction. Often, people sign a contract, join a gym, are given access, and set loose to figure out a fitness program on their own. This is precisely why most health club members fail to reach their fitness goals — they’re doomed from the start.


FitSmart™ Gyms fills in those marketing and servicing gaps, providing clubs with a foolproof model for success. There are several unique features about FitSmart that you will never see in another health club facility.


There are no out of pocket costs to licensee’s that are accepted into our program. For 20 years, FitSmart™ has worked with distressed club owners seeking to reverse their business and revenue. With our successful licensing plan we created something totally foreign to any other business model alike. We invest upfront capital to convert clients clubs, which includes signage, a FitSmart™ Virtual trainer kiosk and heavy bags for circuit making it easier for you to expand your business.


Becoming a licensed FitSmart™ Gym is a powerful way to maximize exposure and marketing, while utilizing our proven concept.


Not only do we handle each location’s marketing, but we also implement two powerful tools to keep members motivated and happy. Our FitSmart™ Virtual trainer powered by ActivTrax guides clients to their fitness goals without requiring clubs to staff trainers to assist members with workout programs. Our Virtual Trainer is a state of the art training system that customizes member’s workouts among many other features. Next, our online diet tool, FitSmart™ Diet, provides members with a comprehensive weight loss solution giving you a personalized diet plan and everything you need for lasting weight loss results. We also have a distinctive 7 station circuit that is comprised of authentic Muay Thai and highly effective functional fitness training. The circuit will not only provide life-lasting results, but also build morale, loyalty and following to your health club center that traditional clubs cannot achieve.


Here at FitSmart™ we know that nutrition is highly essential, that’s why we have partnered up with Published author and MD Brent Agin to create the most innovative fitness and wellness concept to help members not only get into shape but also to change their lifestyle and bad habits.


We are designed to help increase retail sales, appearance and overall value to your health club facility. If your club is in one of the 300 cities throughout the country that fits the demographic for the FitSmart™ Gym model, you may be eligible to become a FitSmart® Gym licensee.  Please understand that we won’t compromise our business model by operating outside of our niche market — this is a huge component of FitSmart’s™ success. Please contact one of our representatives today for more information and to find out if your club is a potential match for our brand.


There are several unique features about FitSmart™ that you will never see in another gym:


A) There is no out of pocket cost to license our brand. The Founder Robert Smilanich, has 20+ years experience dealing with distressed club owners, I have created a business model for FitSmart™ Licensing that is totally unique and foreign to the fitness industry. We invest all of the upfront capital required to get our Clients started, including: signage, the FitSmart™ Virtual Trainer Kiosk and heavy bags for our proprietary Circuit. We get reimbursed through future revenue generated, and work only from a revenue share percentage going forward. This makes it a truly win / win relationship, as we only profit by increasing the clubs business. Our licensing fee is set up as a % of all EFT’s. Essentially, we become your entire marketing department, setting your club up to succeed.


B) Our FitSmart™ Virtual Trainer is a state of the art training system. It provides daily work outs based on ability and goals, providing a unique level of customization tailored specifically to each individual member.


C) Our unique 7 station circuit is comprised of authentic Muay Thai (non contact) and highly effective functional fitness training. Every night licensees receive the custom work out circuit for the next day. These programs were developed by some of the industries most distinguished trainers. This circuit is like no other, and will get your members in shape like nothing they’ve ever done. It will also build a loyalty and following to your club that traditional clubs never achieve. We maintain and ensure quality throughout our brand by requiring all licensees to become a certified FitSmart™ coach.


D) FitSmart™ have partnered up with published author and wellness physician, Brent Agin MD ( All members receive exclusive access to our software. Through these nutritional support programs we are able to offer all FitSmart™ gyms wholesale pricing on all supplements and advanced sales training to help FitSmart™ members make all the right lifestyle changes and improve their eating habits.