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Protein Pow!(der)

In the endless quest to find creative and tasty new ways to add protein to my diet, I’ve done quite a bit of experimenting with protein powder — specifically, baking with it. After all, you can only drink so many protein shakes. Who wouldn’t want a delicious protein cookie or a slice of protein pie? I know it sounds too good to be true, but protein powders have come a long way in the last decade.

A while ago, I was putting my google skills to work to learn about different types of protein powder. Who knew — there’s a whole world of powdery protein beyond whey and soy. Egg, pea, hemp, brown rice, casein, and even beef (the latter sounds kind of gross, and I’m yet to try it, but I won’t knock it yet).

Anyways, I came across, a ridiculously awesome site chock full of protein powder recipes. From breads and cakes to cereal, donuts, rice and ice cream — If there’s a way to make it with protein powder, you’ll find it on this site. It’s updated often with new recipes, and I’m in love with the new Protein Tiramisu recipe.

Check it out next time you’re looking for a tasty way to up your protein intake.


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