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Simple Tips To Boost Your Protein Intake

For better fat loss results as well as superior recovery after your workout sessions, protein is a must. Protein is easily considered by most experts to be the most vital nutrient that you take in with your diet plan on a day to day basis.

Simply put, without enough protein in your diet, you would fail to get the results that you desire.

Many people often fall short in this important nutrient however, typically either because they don’t know the right foods to be eating to get more protein in or they just don’t just don’t have the time to prepare the protein rich foods they need to be eating.

This problem can easily be overcome so you can get back on track to getting your protein needs met.

Here’s what to know.

Add Protein Powder To Your Morning Coffee

First, if you typically use cream in your morning cup of coffee, consider swapping that out for some protein powder instead. Mix a little vanilla protein powder with some water and then mix with the cup of coffee.
You’ll get a creamy tasting coffee beverage that contains protein rather than saturated fat. It’s a much more nutritionally smart way to start your day.

Try Greek Yogurt In A Breakfast Smoothie

Next, another smart replacement to add is a little Greek yogurt into a breakfast smoothie that you’re preparing. Breakfast smoothies are great for those busy mornings on the go and if you prepare it yourself, you can control exactly what goes into it.
Prepare your smoothie using some frozen berries, Greek yogurt, almond milk, and some healthy fats from avocados, flaxseeds, coconut, or natural nut butters.
Mix together and you’ll get a balanced mix of nutrients in an extra-creamy concoction.

Use Canned Tuna As A Quick To-Go Snack

The next smart food to include in your diet plan is canned tuna. Canned tuna is an excellent source of protein as it’s high in protein, fat free, and is ready to go when you are.
Simply open up a can, mix with some salsa, and then serve with a small whole wheat pita or else some raw vegetables for a much lower carbohydrate snack to consume.

Serve Beans Rather Than Potatoes Or Rice More Often

Finally, one last change to consider making in your diet is to swap out the typical rice or potatoes you serve as your main starch with your meals for beans instead. Beans are still high in complex carbohydrates – as well as fiber, and will also pack in some protein as well.
This makes them an excellent choice for those who don’t prefer eating a higher amount of animal meat in their diet or who may even be vegetarian.
Beans are fast and easy to prepare and offer a nice change of pace, yet, often go overlooked.

So keep these quick tips in mind if you want to increase your protein intake easily and effortlessly. It’s one nutrient that you must not be overlooking.

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